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This house is an attempt to reflect upon the client's belief in the Gandhian principles of Honesty and Simplicity. The site is a tight one situated in the corner of a housing society in the newer part of the city. The architectural feature of this project is a stack of the simple boxes with different materials enclosing various spaces on each other. All these boxes are oriented such to have different views of the outside. The clients aspiration of a very humble house led us to the material palette of kotah stone, form finished concrete, white paint, polished teak wood, granite, glass and aluminium. Kotah stone, a local stone from Rajasthan, is well explored in various avatars in this house for flooring, and indoor and exterior cladding. Every light fixture is customised and fabricated as a unique piece of art by itself, and has open light source. The various art installations in various spaces of this house further try to communicate philosophical messages that we learnt though our studies about Mahatma Gandhi.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Yogesh Patel

Site Location:  Someshwara Enclave, Vesu, Surat.

Plot Size:  263 sq yards / 220 sq m

Construction Area:  5,380 sq ft / 500 sq m

Year of Completion:  2014

Services:  Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Integration, Landscape, Artworks

Team: Snehal Shah, Jigar Dalal, Namrata Sadakwala, Samir Parekh, Sohail Sofawala

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