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IIID | Winner | Zone-3 (West Zone) | Commercial Spaces - Large | 2016

IIID | Runner |National | Commercial Spaces - Large |2016

ICEA & UltraTech Cement Limited Award | Commendation | Industrial Commercial Unit | 2017

Lexus Softmech + Lemon Technomist are two companies owned by the same owners, but having different areas of work. The first one is a diamond processing company specialised in very high value diamonds, where as the second is a global leader in manufacturing of diamond processes related machines. The two form finished concrete blocks for the two factories, are separated by a yellow Jaiselmer sandstone clad reception block. This facility exhibits great consciousness in energy conservation, and innovations like Geothermal cooling system. The factory generates adequate energy through solar pv cells and hence does not have any other power back up facility. An interesing architectural element is a screen on the North Facade, designed to cut down on the direct sunlight and provide security to the premise. Its designed in two layers creating the Moire effect as one moves along the building. The common canteen facilities sits on the south, behind the building along a vast pool of Lilies.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Janak Mistry

Site Location:  GJP, Ichchhapor, Surat.

Plot Size:  11,960 sq yards / 10,000 sq m

Construction Area:  85,000 sq ft / 9,445 sq m

Year of Completion:  December 2016

Services:  Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Nishith Jariwala, Ankur Desai, Ketna Morker, Kruti Khatiwala, Ishani Mistry, Chirag Kansagara, Samir Parekh

I was introduced to Snehal in the year 2003 by a common friend, when we had just acquired our new factory premises for Lexus SoftMac. The unit was then a shabbily constructed textile unit. In the shortest possible time span, the unit was dressed to impress visitors from all classes, with very modern open office look. The steel and aluminium furniture designed for the office is timeless, which most visitors admire even today after eight years. After this, ESSTEAM has worked on five more projects for us, which includes our new dream factory and my home, which are wonderful experiments in form finished concrete construction. Snehal has the skill to understand and analyse a client, and can resolve most vulnerable issues. Snehal has considerably influenced my thoughts as a technologist. He and his team have helped me dream of the wildest of technology in architecture and come out with very creative solutions.

Mr. Janak Mistry, Partner – M/s Lexus Softmac, Surat.

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