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7 professionals from the diverse fields like CA, Doctor, Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Software Techie, Educationist and Digital Marketing Expert, got together, to start the ball rolling for the first Co-Working Space in the city of Surat. With an underlying agenda of creating a helpful ecosystem for the startups and budding free lancers, and creating a platform for mentoring them, this fast track initiative have had a substantial impact on the Co-working landscape of the city of Surat.This project was completed in record 45 days from concept to delivery, and it triggered a plethora of 5-6 co-working spaces in Surat within a year of this. This is the first of the more iKoVerks the firm has designed for the same client.

Project Specifics

Client: iKoVerk Studios LLP

Site Location: 10th Floor, Titaanium Business Hub, Bhimrad Road, Althan, Surat.

Carpet Area:  3,900 sq ft / 362.32 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Interior Design, Project Management, Art Integration

Team: Snehal Shah, Maher Desai, Chirag Kansagara

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