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IIID | West Zone| Winner | Institutional & Public Spaces | 2017


FOAID Architecture Ideas 4.0 | Gold | Commercial Interior | 2018

This project is our take on defining for us, an approach towards creating low carbon foot print and contextual interior design. An opthalmic clinic was to be converted as a Women Wellness Centre in a commercial complex. The design revolves around minimising Resource Utilization and Art Integration, besides smart space optimisation. The working table, chairs, sofas are bought from katpitias ( scavangers who take down old delpadated buildings and sell them part by part) and refurbished to make it part of the space giving them a unique identity in each space. Art became an interesting opportunity to celebrate womanhood in the overall scheme of things.

Project Specifics

Client: Dr. Rupal Shah

Site Location:  Golden Square, Parle Point, Surat.

Carpet Area:  3,370 sq ft / 313 sq m

Year of Completion:  2017

Services:  Interior Design, Artworks

Team: Snehal Shah, Ketna Morker, Azhar Sheikh

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