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FOAID Architecture Ideas 5.0 | Top Six | Retail | 2019

The brief was to design a textile house and office on the site of an existing go-down, retaining the existing structure. It is a Gaala-type industrial bay structure, off the main road of an industrial area of Surat, which has a lot of old buildings and compactly packed residences. With sustainability and responsible design at core, all the design decisions are taken considering adaptive reuse of what is available instead of using new resources and this is taken as an opportunity instead of a limitation of creative reuse.The material palette is simple, raw and earthly. Continuing the idea of reuse, instead of buying new furniture and getting rid of the existing one, old furniture is renovated, re-polished and reused blending with the interiors, giving it a contemporary touch. The theme of Art has been aptly derived and exhibited by taking important motifs from various traditional textile arts of India and blowing them up in size.

Project Specifics

Client:  Mr. Gulshan Nandvani

Site Location:  Jai Hanuman Industrial Society, Udhna, Surat

Plot Size:  471 sq yards / 394 sq m

Construction Area:  12,240 sq ft / 1,137 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Facade Design, Landscape, Interior Design, Art Integration

Team: Nikunj Patel, Saloni Shah, Anisha Jariwala, Abhay Vaghela

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