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IIID | West Zone |Commendation| Single Dwelling Residence | 2018

IIID | National | Commendation | Single Dwelling Residence | 2018

The ideational departure of the project was the idea of having four parts of the house corresponding to the diversity of the four seasons, which complete the ‘whole’ year in our life. This cyclical phenomenon can also be related to the emotions roller coaster and diversity that one experiences in ones life. The division lines of the four seasons become a prime structuring line in the design of the house, because of which we identify this house as a ‘Plus House’ – a house full of positivity, nature and light!

Project Specifics

Client:  Mr. Vishwas Sheth and Raina Sheth

Site Location:  38, Ranchhodji Nagar, Dharampur-Abrama Rd, Valsad.

Plot Size:  550 sq yards / 460 sq m

Construction Area:  4,550 sq ft / 429 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Architecture and Interior Design

Team:  Snehal Shah, Nikunj Patel, Hemang Mistry, Dharmendra Gangani, Abhay Vaghela

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