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Displaying the tiny diamonds in a 9 m tall space provided an opportunity to create a mezannine floor at the allocated space at Science Centre. Carefully worked out circulation flow is a very important aspect of the design. The highlight is the creation of 8 A/V rooms programmed to run in a sequence and with automation to integrate the lighting along with the playtime, making the experience very memorable. Beyond the scope of Interiors, EssTeam ended up doing the curating for contents and getting involved in movie making for the A/V rooms, resulting in the creation of the mascot HiraKaka.

Project Specifics

Client: Surat Municipal Corporation

Site Location:  SVP Science Centre, Citylight Main Road, Surat.

Carpet Area:  14,000 sq ft / 1,300 sq m

Year of Completion:  2012

Services:  Interior and Display Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Husain Cinemawala, Ketna Morker

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