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The villa now known more for the Frangi Pani tree in its front garden, is one of the initial houses designed by EssTeam in 2005. The geometry of the house is derived from the non-orthogonal shape of this 600 sq yard plot. The double height cube clad with Red Agra sandstone projects out of the L-Shaped form finished concrete box creating a 20 feet tall family living space flushed with north light. Come 2019, and there came an opportunity for its extention. With an additional experience of 14 years and about 500 projects, the extension was an interesting opportunity to test the evolved understanding. The client purchased the adjoining plot and the project was simply about adding some parking space and a multipurpose A/V room to the house. The extension borrowed the geometry and the material palette from the existing house to create an interesting and befitting couter point to the house.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Vijay Kaji

Site Location:  Chandni Chowk, Piplod, Surat.

Plot Size:  - 1008 sq yards / 500 sq m + 343 sq m (Outhouse)

Construction Area:  4,500 sq ft / 418 sq m

Year of Completion:  2005

Services:  Architecture and Interior Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Saloni Shah, Jigar Dalal, Ashwin Patel

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