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IGBC | Green Individual Homes | Platinum Rating | 2017

The dwelling for the architect couple, exhibits a mature restraint in cutting out all that is unnecessary, and welcoming all that is right and aligned to the principles of nature. The house revolves around the central chowk which connects the Public and Private Courts on either of its sides. Material palette is restricted to concrete, wood, marble, kotah stone, granite, aluminium and glass. The ‘Jungle’ theme resonates in a rather subtle way through some interesting colourful artworks and photographs occupying various locations in the house. The house is a serious endeavour to address the key issues of sustainability and happens to be the first Platinum Certified Green Home in the South Gujarat region.

Project Specifics

Client: Ar. Snehal Shah & Ar. Saloni Shah

Site Location:  E3 Block, Vesu, Surat.

Plot Size:  1,800 sq yards / 1,505 sq m

Construction Area:  6,727 sq ft / 625 sq m

Year of Completion:  2017

Services:  Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design and Green Building Certification

Team: Snehal Shah, Saloni Shah, Sagar Gandhi, Ketna Morker, Maher Desai, Abhay Vaghela, Chirag Kansagara

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