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The house derives its ambience aspiration from the very different personalities of Rashmi and Kapil - the young dynamic couple who own the house. While Rashmi is a very outgoing and creative jewellery designer, Kapil brings the calming and soothing feel to the relationship and the family. The spaces in the entire house are in shades of grey, be it the flooring or the walls, and they are very well interspersed with very contemporary patterns and motifs and colours coming through a variety of elements like flooring and screens. Unrestricted usage of pastel hues like blue, green, yellow and orange tends to make the house vibrant and lively!

Project Specifics

Client :  Mr. Kapil Arora

Site Location: Fiona, Vesu, Surat

Carpet Area: 3,900 sq ft / 362 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Interior Design, Art Integration

Team:  Ketna Morker, Snehal Shah, Nishant Gandhi, Azhar Shaikh

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