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The site had existing buildings nearby therefore the building was designed on a linear plot between 2 concrete walls. To make the building more spacious, all the services are aligned on one of the edges, making the rest of the usable spaces vast and clear.
The double-heighted area helped organize the storage racks making them easily accessible with a long ladder. The racks are tall which provides better visibility and access to the stored items making the process quick and efficient.
In terms of interiors, the intent was to celebrate open utilities since the client was actually dealing in electrical infrastructural elements which are usually hidden. So an open ceiling plan with very well resolved visible services became an important design language to go with the unplastered cement concrete structure.
In order to achieve energy efficiency and protection against excessive solar radiation or heat, a unique façade design was intended, which allows a rhythmic pattern to be realized aesthetically and at the same time functionally.

Project Specifics

Client: Tirupati Sales

Site Location:  Udhna, Surat

Plot Size:  490 sq yards / 410 sq m

Construction Area:  16,705 sq ft / 1,552 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Integration, Art Integration

Team: Snehal Shah, Jigar Dalal, Abhinav Kelavala

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