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The client, previously residing in an old city house with shared walls, yearned for the true openness of a family home that exudes airiness and is bathed in natural light. They envisioned a residence where individual spaces communicate seamlessly, allowing family members to remain connected even when in their personal areas. Their aesthetic preference leaned towards form-finished concrete, desiring a minimalist, modern home that is both unique and dynamic.

The concept is derived from the game of wooden block toys called ‘Jenga’ that allows abundant light and vistas by just reorganising and stacking them differently!

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Ajay Lakhwala and Family

Site Location: Shree SomnathSociety, Athwa, Surat

Plot area: 369 sq m / 441 sq yrd

Construction Area: 9,805 sq ft / 911 sq m

Year of Completion: 2023

Services: Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Integration, Landscape Design, Art Integration

Team: Snehal Shah, Nishith Jariwala, Dhruv Chaliawala, Sarthak Dixit, Umang Kapadia, Ketna Morker, Harish Chotalia, Hiral Sanghani, Alish Narola, Abhay Vaghela, Bhikhu Rahod, Raj Modi

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