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Till date, there has been very few instances when the project site is such a
powerful envelope. This site is a 2200 square feet site that has a big round
form finished RCC column that anchors the vast otherwise column free
space. The site is located on the first floor of the commercial building-
‘Samanvay’, having parking on the ground floor. The building has an entry
from the backside and designing a staircase to give the site a direct access
from the front, became a part of the design challenge. The South-East
corner of the site is extending towards South making the shape of the site
almost trapezoidal and interesting.
The site housed a Female Garments Boutique- ‘Shobhan’, for over six years,
after which it was decided to convert it into arguably the best authentic
Italian Pizza place in the region!

Project Specifics

Client: Mr Siddhant Shah

Site Location:  1 st floor- ‘Samanvay’, Near Chandni Chowk, Piplod, Surat, Guajrat

Carpet Area:  2200 sq ft / 204 sq m

Year of Completion: 2019

Services:  Interior Design, Integration of Services, Art Integration

Team: Snehal Shah, Ayushi Parakh, Ketna Morker

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