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The clients have been a part of the Retail industry for many years and have inherited the legacy for generations. At B>More, they not only deal with a wide variety of Indian traditional garments but western formal wear as well. Their main emphasis was to create an experiential design to keep their customers visually engaged for a longer time span, increase the customer foot fall and design minimal interiors to focus more on the garments and its intricate details.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr Vijay Chaliawala & Mr Ketan Chaliawala

Site Location:  B>More, Opp. Parle Point Palace, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat

Facade area: Approx. 4000 sq ft / 370 sq m

Carpet area: Approx. 8000 sq ft / 743 sq m

Year of Completion:  2021

Services:  Façade Design, Interior Design, Integration of Services

Team: Snehal Shah, Dhruv Chaliawala

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