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Jigar Dalal on sharing his memories of working at EssTeam: “During this lockdown, everyone is working from home and at the same time working at home. Still, in the middle of all of this, sometimes we find ourselves slipping in the beautiful memories from the past. These rides are through photographs, that you start imagining and living again. In the last few days, I too, was on such a journey of reminiscing, which took me to the year 2002- almost 18 years ago when my journey with ‘EssTeam’ commenced. There was an entire group of friends who I either knew by names or by faces, but these photographs reminded me of everything as if it were a movie. We spent a wonderful time, not only at work, but there were a lot of other things that we learnt together, as a team. I got incredibly excited and decided to share these recollections with all those friends of mine, who were a part of this delightful expedition of life and learning- ‘EssTeam’. Many of them might be on a different path of life at the moment, yet they are still connected and close to the heart. Each one of them played their role in nurturing ‘EssTeam’ and carving its culture, fairly as a mother.

So today, We would also want to wish every one of them a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on behalf of ‘EssTeam’!!”


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