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IFACE 2020 - Gallery Surat

Ar. Saloni Shah exhibiting 'Margarita'

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- our creation exhibited at Gallery Surat - the curated Art Exhibition at iFACE 2020.

Margarita is another name of a flower from the daisy family in Spanish and few other European languages. It symbolizes innocence and purity.

Most of OBL/QUE’s works are inspired by Nature, and this one is no different. But this time we have also been inspired by, and have experimented with a technique that we have never tried before – Quilling.. in Metal.

The technique of “Quilling” is generally done using thin strips of paper, but here we have tried to magnify the technique to make a big artwork using metal strips instead of paper. In traditional paper quilling, the strips are bent and stuck on the base paper, but we have inserted the metal strips into the base MDF sheet in order to maintain the desired curves of the flowing lines.

Size : 4' x 4'


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