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Fusion Court

Owned by one of the leading diamond parents of the world, this luxurious villa is home to one of the brothers, Mr. Rahulbhai Dholakia and his family. It is one of the four houses commissioned to EssTeam. This seven bedroom villa was designed with a fusion of traditional elements and modern sensibilities in ten months. The concept of this home revolves around a sculptural center which acts as the heart of the home with an organic garden that blends art and function. This center piece exudes grandness, creating a lasting impression through expansive, high-ceiling spaces and luxurious materials. The design maximises views, with large, strategically placed windows offering seamless indoor-outdoor connections. Flooded with natural daylight, the interiors feel bright and airy, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Celebrating green spaces, the home incorporates lush gardens, rooftop greenery, and indoor plants, fostering a harmonious living environment that reflects a commitment to sustainability and natural beauty.

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