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Episode 1: The Logo

Essteam Reboot 2020

The world has been going through a very testing time, something we would never have imagined! There seems to be two obvious choices one can take - A. To become fearful and insecure and spiral down into depression, and B. To reboot the thought processes and aspirations, and dream for a world better than before. The last few weeks has given us a wonderful quality time to rethink our identity, our methods of working, new models for imparting services, and most importantly, become caring and inclusive than ever before! EssTeam Reboot 2020 is an outcome of the synergies of the team during this period, and through a series of posts, we would like to share our new vision, new form, and new collaborations!

The Logo We feel, that the logo of any firm is a very important oppotunity for a firm to depict its clarity of thought and direction. This year, as EssTeam turns 19, we are proud to launch our new logo, our new face. Here is a brief account of what has been consistent and what changed.The initial logo of S.Team Design Services (2002) clearly tried to depict the balance between the powers of nature and built, as the green and the grey. With changes in the digital technology, the logo evolved for EssTeam (2012), using the pictures of the Green Fauna and Grey Concrete, with the flaps opening up casting their shadows on the paper, exploring the third dimension. 19 years, over 600 projects, and with a combined team size of nearly 70 members, the new logo tries to bring down the understanding to bare minimal about what the firm stands for. So, this monocoloured logo consists of a thin line and a thick line, depicting harmonious co-existance of the diverse viewpoints in all the aspects of life and design. What has been consistent all through is the definition of an exact square in all the three logos, suggesting the perfection, as a firm, we have always pushed us for, all the time !


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