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Episode 3: The Leadership Team

The journey of Essteam began in 2001 as a Proprietary firm S.Team Design Services, and with years, it graduated to a Partnership firm in 2012 with 4 partners. By 2019, EssTeam became a firm with 6 partners. With the purpose of making the firm resilient, sustainable, democratic and transparent, by end of 2019, EssTeam got converted into Essteam Design Sevices LLP. With a credibility of an LLP, it has started spreading its wings into different geographies and has now close associations and physical presence in the cities of Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Dubai. We have always believed in providing single window design related services, and these associations have not only increased the geographical reach of Essteam, but also now, kind of in-house deep capabilities in the fields of Landscape Design and Sustainable Developments Design.


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