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The concept of the project derives from the acute threat perception of the client for this diamond processing factory. This low rise diamond processing factory deviates from the standard multistorey diamond factories model in the city, and attempts to create a highly secure introvert factory building. The landscaped courtyard offers stunning views from the hall and also this is from where the production halls borrow the day light from. The 12 m wall without any windows all around the building makes it like an invincible fort.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Dilip Sanghvi

Site Location:  GJP, Ichchhapor, Surat.

Plot Size:  15,845 sq yards / 13,249 sq m

Construction Area:  1,15,000 sq ft / 10,690 sq m

Year of Completion:  2014

Services:  Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Jigar Dalal, Hiral Patel, Abhay Vaghela

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