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IIA | National | Commendation | Interiors | 2005


IGBC | Existing Green Factory Building | Platinum Rating | 2014


IGBC | Re-Certified Green Factory Building | Platinum Rating | 2018


IGBC | Performance Challenge | Winner | Industrial | 2019

Way back in 2003, this was our first major commission; the responsibility to complete a half-built diamond processing factory in form finished concrete. The biggest challenge was to resolve and design the HVAC and the lighting for this buiding. The project became an interesting exercise in designing lighting and HVAC through the floor. Lot of efforts were spent to restrict from overdoing anything in the minimalist spaces and the project won a national award: IIA Award for Excellence in Interior Architecture, 2006. The project design involved all kind of optimisations and in 2014, when the project was applied for Green Building Certification, not to our surprise, the building achieved the highest rating, the Platinum Rating. Further, in 2019, it won the IGBC National Performance Challenge in Industrial category, as being the best performing project green factory in the country.

Project Specifics

Client: K. Girdharlal International Pvt Ltd, Mr. Parag Shah

Site Location:  Umiya Chowk, A.K. Road, Surat.

Plot Size:  -

Construction Area:  1,60,000 sq ft / 14,865 sq m

Year of Completion:  2004

Services:  Interior and Landscape Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Mehul Hathiwala, Nikunj Patel, Jigar Dalal

My association with Snehal is almost a decade old starting with the days of K.G. House (2004), and we have worked together on several projects after that. But I have yet to encounter an interaction with him which has made me unhappy! This is one of the most cherished associations for me and he has enriched my life as a friend, philosopher and guide. I have learnt a lot about Art, Architecture and also about Life from him!

Mr. Parag Shah Exe. Director, M/s K. Girdharlal International Pvt. Ltd., Surat.

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