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This Penthouse, located in the newer developed locality of Surat, belongs to a family headed by a successful businessman in textile industry. The project though tight on budget, aspired for a very rich taste and sophisticated ambience. Accpeting the beige imported marble provided by the developer, as a give, we built the colour scheme and material palette around this.Circle, for no specific reason, was taken as an important shape in the project. Portraying an encircled warmth in the house, various elements like artistic screens, light fixtures etc were incorporated to give it that touch of warmth. The site is a penthouse with its own piece of garden and sky, and the gazebo designed there remains one of the favourite place for the client to spend his holiday evenings.

Project Specifics

Client: Mr. Raju Khaitan

Site Location:  Imperial Blossom Apartment, Vesu, Surat.

Carpet Area:  2,807sq ft / 260 sq m

Year of Completion:  2018

Services:  Interior Design, Art Integration

Team: Nikunj Patel, Azharuddin Shaikh, Ketna Morker, Priyanka Patil, Payal Shah

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