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The primary achievement of this project is the vibrant façade constructed by using plumbing pipes painted in various colours. This skin over the other wise very old and boring building adds lot of charm to the surrounding area. This skin reduces the heating of the walls inside, and still allows the wind to flow through the open windows behind it. The IVF centre has a rustic material palette, very unusual for a hi-profile and sophisticated clinic.

Project Specifics

Client: Dr. Rupal Shah

Site Location:  Sutaria Building, Opp.Bahumali Building, Nanpura, Surat.

Carpet Area:  8,000 sq ft / 745 sq m

Cost of Project:  Confidential

Year of Completion:  2011

Services:  Facade and Interior Design

Team: Snehal Shah, Kinjal Shah, Azhar Shiekh

I have known Snehal since his school days. I have witnessed ESSTEAM’s progress at an amazing pace, almost rocket-like-speed. My first direct experience as a client came with Blossom IVF centre. It was a wonderful learning for me as a client. Snehal would ask seemingly uncomfortable questions making us realise that we did not know exactly what we wanted until he asked. After initial work up, Blossom IVF centre sprang up with full speed taking care of every detail and systematic coordination between various agencies. I can proudly boast of Blossom IVF as one of the most well designed IVF centres in India. Snehal has very clear concepts and can assimilate different expectations from various users into one rhythmic design. Now I know many secrets of ESSTEAM’s spectacular success!

- Dr. Praful Doshi Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist, Surat.

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