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The open national design competition for an educational facility like University campus, was worth an oppurtunity to design a 40 Acre campus that is self sustainable in it's entirity while achieving the specific needs of the program. This campus was designed on a site right next to the N.C.C. Leadership Academy , which used to be a brown feild site with minor contours on it. While designing the self sustaining campus, we had designed through very critical aspects of a campus that are interactive spaces, spaces able to generates gathering from smaller to larger groups, connecting spines that are also the green lung of the campus, minimum walking distances, maximum natural daylit spaces with better cross ventilation, flexibility of spaces, visually connected spaces with humanised scale, practically zero maintenance cost, and high level of safety from fire.

Project Specifics

Client: Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat

Site Location:  Jeetnagar, Rajpipla, Gujarat.

Plot Size:  40 Acres

Construction Area:  17,42,408 sq ft /1,61,875 sq m

Year of Completion: 2019 - Competition Entry

Services:  Master Planning, Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

Team: Nishith Jariwala, Rahil Sofawala, Yashraj Shah

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