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The Temple of Light


Architecture and Interior Design of Kotyark Temple for Amdavadi Visay Khadayta Vanik Nyati Panch at Surat

IIID Anchor Award 2012: Winner at the Zone-3 Level (West Zone) in the Category Public Spaces.
IIID Anchor Award 2012: Runner up at National Level in the Category Public Spaces.

Area: 2100 sq ft (195 sq m)
Year: 2010 (completed)

• Koty-ark’ (in Gujarati language) means energy equal to 1 crore (10 million) sun’s energy.
• The trustees approached us to rebuild a dilapidated old existing temple in a very tight fabric of the old city, with a very tight budget! The design draws direct clues from the name Kotyark – Thousand Suns – and hence the design exploits the natural sunlight in this 18 feet x 100 feet site. The very modern material pallete of form finished concrete, stainless steel, wood and white Indian marble is glorified when the sunlight washes the long butched stone walls and then dispersing the soft light into the space. The modern temple stands as a reinterpretation of the spatial rules of ancient art of Hindu Temple Design.

During the course of design for the Kotyark Mandir, there were lots of hot discussions regarding the architectural design for the same. In one instance, I remember Snehalbhai telling me “don’t teach Pavbhaji wala the ingredients/ masala he has to add, just enjoy the taste…” This is what he simply explained; and I do not mind admitting that wonderful design creativity was experienced at the completion of the temple. Though this was a purely voluntary service where there was no commercial implication, the quality of services extended by ESSTEAM was of very high quality and was a great learning experience for all the trustees, and me in particular.

Mr. Mayur Chahwala
Trustee – Kotyark Mandir