Essteam | The Sunflower House

The Sunflower House


Architecture and Interior Design of the Bungalow for Dr. Prafful Doshi & Dr. Mitsu Doshi at Surat

ICEA, Surat & UltraTech Cement Limited Award (Commendation) for Outstanding Concrete Structure of Surat, 2015-16

Area: 8000 sq ft (743 sq m)
Year: 2015 (completed)

• The Sunflower house is a home for a working couple, who is fond of party, greenery, welcoming nature to life, books & king sized experiences. The site has roads on East & South side and adjoining plots on the other two sides with residences. Busy street was responded with inward looking house with fort like walls on ground floor to avoid noise and views from outside. Light is borrowed through carved skylights in the roof. These lights wash all the common activity areas throughout the day. The spaces of the house are assembled on relatively small plot in a way to break the scale using big, small & smaller boxes of different materials one above the other. The offsets and residues at each level either offer sky-light or greenery making each corner bringing nature to the home. The extension of the Living area becomes North court covered with Sunflower has been developed in consideration with minimal maintenance using majorly form finished concrete ceilings, form finished concrete walls, stone clad wall serves as a special private court shaded whole the time from direct sunlight & rains. On the other hand South garden at 8′ from road level creates a very green foreground ahead of silver travertine wall with the base of wavily carved form finished concrete wall. The court is again softened with lush green thick plantation at the bottom.