Essteam | Oasis Valleys PH1

Oasis Valleys PH1


Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design of an Educational Institute for the NGO O.A.S.I.S. at Chanod

Area: 20,000 sq ft (1860 sq m)
Year: 2010 (completed)

• The ‘Oasis’ has been literally created by dense organic cultivation of trees and plants in the ravines of the river Narmada at Chanod. When asked to design an institute in the hilly site, the first response was to minimise the footprint to minimise the disturbance to the ecosystem. This green building in unplastered brick construction is a simple rectangular block inserted in the valley between two hillocks, such that you enter the building from the terrace. The atrium having an interesting matrix of staircase and landing has become a place for some wonderful interactions. Phase II of the block is in progress to add two more floors.

For us, Snehal and Saloni are not just genius architects and thoughtful designers, but they are also among the few aweinspiring human-beings and wonderful philanthropists whom we have come across. They helped our cause of character-building in a truly selfless spirit and brought immense value to an institute that stands for excellence. What we’ve come to admire in the last decade of our association with them is their tremendous eagerness for self-improvement. Add to this their willingness to be teachers and facilitators to share their knowledge and wisdom with others, and one starts getting some glimpse of their versatility. We’re so very proud of being associated with them and we’re sure they will scale huge frontiers in the times to come. We take this opportunity to express our sincere feelings: Bedankt voor uw aandacht! Alvast bedankt voor uw medewerking!

Mr. Sanjiv Shah
Founder Trustee, O.A.S.I.S