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My association with Snehal is almost a decade old starting with the days of K.G. House (2004), and we have worked together on several projects after that. But I have yet to encounter an interaction with him which has made me unhappy! This is one of the most cherished associations for me and he has enriched my life as a friend, philosopher and guide. I have learnt a lot about Art, Architecture and also about Life from him!

Mr. Parag Shah
Exe. Director, M/s K. Girdharlal International Pvt. Ltd., Surat

Today, this ‘SRK Empire Head Quarter Building’ has become a status symbol
for everyone in our company. Before we started the project, we had a vision in our mind, and Ar. Snehal Shah has translated our vision into reality way beyond our expectations. Since its inauguration in April, 2011, the building has been visited by thousands of visitors from all over the country and even the world; and invariably, the response from everyone stepping into the building has been a very consistent: ‘Wow’! After having used this building for over 1.5 years, I am able to say with confidence that the building is not only aesthetically wonderful, but also very user-friendly, functional, easy to maintain with ample daylight. I would attribute Snehal’s success to his ‘world best’ vision, his understanding nature, high level of professionalism and integrity.

Mr. Govindbhai Dholakia
Director, M/s Shree Ram Krishna Exports, Surat

At Fountainhead School, I am happy with the outcomes with most of the design elements of various spaces. The old library and especially the new library have come really well. The special areas (dance/music/auditoriums) as well as the new admin area too has come out very well — specifically, the design is high on utility, simple and yet aesthetically pleasing. With respect to the design process, I have found that Snehal is in general open to ideas and is willing to take our feedback on the plans into consideration. Further, he allows for iterations and rethinks as well and as many of them as we thought necessary.

Mr. Vardan Kabra
Head of School, Fountainhead School, Surat

For us, Snehal and Saloni are not just genius architects and thoughtful designers, but they are also among the few awe- inspiring human-beings and wonderful philanthropists whom we have come across. They helped our cause of character-building in a truly selfless spirit and brought immense value to an institute that stands for excellence. What we’ve come to admire in the last decade of our association with them is their tremendous eagerness for self-improvement. Add to this their willingness to be teachers and facilitators to share their knowledge and wisdom with others, and one starts getting some glimpse of their versatility. We’re so very proud of being associated with them and we’re sure they will scale huge frontiers in the times to come. We take this opportunity to express our sincere feelings: Bedankt voor uw aandacht! Alvast bedankt voor uw medewerking!

Mr. Sanjiv Shah
Founder Trustee O.A.S.I.S.

When I worked with Snehal for the first time (way back in 1999 when he was a final year student of Architecture), it was really tough as we both were unaware about nature/behavior of each other, but as time went by, working became smooth.

Since then, all the works of mine whether it may be Opera House Apartment, Farmhouse at Sangli, Saga Furniture Mall, Pratik Silk Mills House, my retail outlets or present apartment at Ratna Aastha, the level of excellence and perfection has always been at its zenith. Snehal has an aura around him. Whatever he is today is because of his own hard work, dedication, attitude and time management. His whole team plays on goodwill prospects for their projects undertaken, which is a striking strength which inspires me to work more and more with ESSTEAM. The win-win approach combined with high standards of creativity, and backed by an enthusiastic team, invariably provides an ultimate outcome everytime, however, this is only when the client provides total design and execution freedom to ESSTEAM. With such accomplishments in such a short time, I still would like to believe that the best is yet to come!

Mr. Balasaheb Javalekar
Director, M/s Pratik Silk Mills

A few years back, while travelling in train to Ahmedabad with Snehalbhai, when I first told him about the small 700 sq feet apartment I had purchased, it was extremely exciting and unbelievable to hear that he would design the home for me and it was a very prompt decision. Firstly, my wife and myself were emphatically listened regarding our requirements and habits. After putting the area on paper he made a curved stroke with a pencil right at the time of discussion for which he explained us that 70% of the storage requirements will be accommodated in this. Now what? We had huge spaces to breathe. I had always thought of a typical decent furnished residence to live in but I was about to know that I will be residing in one of the most unique home in the country. I still remember his words “I am going to design a home for an Artist” and the result came out even more powerful than that!

Mr. Jabir Qureshi
Graphic Artist, M/s Brains Creative Unit

We feel it is our individual responsibility to be aware about how we can save energy and in turn contribute in making this planet a better place to live. Thinking and Acting Green makes us feel responsible. Keeping the green building perspective into account, we can easily optimize our energy costs and increase the comforts of the occupants. With this inclination in mind, I engaged Snehal to design our new factory. In all, the experience of working with Snehal has been good. He has always given enough time to understand our needs and has fulfilled them. We found him always eager to implement new ideas. With this zeal and commitment towards his work, ESSTEAM is bound to reach new heights of success on the foundation of the principles ESSTEAM has been pursuing!

Mr. Siddharth Mehta
Partner, M/s Shairu Gems, Surat

It has been a pleasure working with ESSTEAM. Unique to them is their ‘client first’ attitude and flexibility to customize things to client’s desire. Snehal’s experience in working with students has enabled him to understand people with great patience. He also lucidly explains the nuances of architecture for the benefit of the clients. To sum up, ESSTEAM Design Services understands client’s requirements and delivers. I, on behalf of entire Bharat City Team, wish them all the success in future.

Mr. Kumar Bharat
Director, BCC Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., Delhi (NCR)

During the course of design for the Kotyark Mandir, there were lots of hot discussions regarding the architectural design for the same. In one instance, I remember Snehalbhai telling me “don’t teach Pavbhaji wala the ingredients/ masala he has to add, just enjoy the taste…” This is what he simply explained; and I do not mind admitting that wonderful design creativity was experienced at the completion of the temple. Though this was a purely voluntary service where there was no commercial implication, the quality of services extended by ESSTEAM was of very high quality and was a great learning experience for all the trustees, and me in particular.

Mr. Mayur Chahwala
Trustee – Kotyark Mandir

Over the last few years, I have come to know Snehal as a good human being, wonderful son, sensitive citizen, exceptional employer and a loving husband. As a professional, my experience with Snehal is that in every project, my respect for him has increased due to his high level of integrity, in depth knowledge, clarity of purpose, firmness with flexibility, and humility. He is giving his honorary service to build Vipassana Meditation Center near Navsari and his interest and commitment to build exceptional center is becoming reality now. I heartily wish that he achieves even higher level of true happiness with success.

Dr. Jitubhai Shah
Director, M/s Jainam Share Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Surat

As Municipal Commissioner in Surat from 2007–11, I had the privilege of working with several high quality professionals in engineering, urban design and architecture. Snehal and his team were one of them. We worked together on a number of projects and my experience has been uniformly satisfying. We spent long hours at the site, trying to work out what would work best for the project. What I liked the most was the international quality of work both in terms of design and execution, that came to be the hallmark of these projects. I also appreciate the fact that Snehal understood and accommodated the compulsions of process and cost aspects that go with public funding of projects. As people, Snehal, Saloni and his team members were patient in interactions, took the trouble to incorporate client requirements and pushed, when required for, higher standards. I wish that you should stand out as a beacon of professional standards, in a field where mammon often rules!

Ms. S. Aparna
Municipal Commissioner, SMC, Surat (2007–2011)

I have known Snehal since his school days. I have witnessed ESSTEAM’s progress at an amazing pace, almost rocket-like-speed. My first direct experience as a client came with Blossom IVF centre. It was a wonderful learning for me as a client. Snehal would ask seemingly uncomfortable questions making us realise that we did not know exactly what we wanted until he asked. After initial work up, Blossom IVF centre sprang up with full speed taking care of every detail and systematic coordination between various agencies. I can proudly boast of Blossom IVF as one of the most well designed IVF centres in India. Snehal has very clear concepts and can assimilate different expectations from various users into one rhythmic design. Now I know many secrets of ESSTEAM’s spectacular success!

Dr. Praful Doshi
Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist, Surat

I was introduced to Snehal in the year 2003 by a common friend, when we had just acquired our new factory premises for Lexus SoftMac. The unit was then a shabbily constructed textile unit. In the shortest possible time span, the unit was dressed to impress visitors from all classes, with very modern open office look. The steel and aluminium furniture designed for the office is timeless, which most visitors admire even today after eight years. After this, ESSTEAM has worked on five more projects for us, which includes our new dream factory and my home, which are wonderful experiments in form finished concrete construction. Snehal has the skill to understand and analyse a client, and can resolve most vulnerable issues. Snehal has considerably influenced my thoughts as a technologist. He and his team have helped me dream of the wildest of technology in architecture and come out with very creative solutions.

Mr. Janak Mistry
Partner – M/s Lexus Softmac, Surat

Our association with ESSTEAM during various projects has been an excellent experience. Snehal possesses an excellent ability to get in details of every aspect and provide suggestions which are out of the box, and this is commendable. His ability to convey his ideas to his team and get the desired results is also appreciable. His ideas have made the City Museum very lively and interesting. The way in which all the valuable objects at City Museum are presented make them even more valuable. I sincerely wish that Snehal continues to provide services in a professional manner but at the same time not be completely professional in maintaining relationships, and try to give personal touch to each project. I would not like to hear from anyone that Snehal pahela aavo na hato!

Mr. C. Y. Bhatt
Deputy Commissioner, SMC, Surat

Being in the trade of furniture and lifestyle products, I come across a number of design professionals. Honestly, Snehalbhai is one of the best architects I have met. His unassuming and simple nature, highly creative design ideas and abundance of practical knowledge makes him a very good architect. Behind his success, the contribution of his team is also very important. EssTeam has some excellent team members who are hardworking, sincere and also good at design. I know for sure that EssTeam is going to go only one way – ‘UP’, however, there are a few areas where there is scope of improvement for even better results.

Mr. Keyur Doshi
Director M/s Saga Lifestyles, Surat

I distinctly remember that day in 2004 when I had gone to meet Snehal, accompanied by my mom and my wife, on the 2nd floor of Snehal Clinic. I was so impressed with the simplicity and authencity of the taste of his office, that I had no hesitation in appointing EssTeam as architects for my farm at Gavier, Surat. The planning was done, the construction had begun for my dream farm, but then some problem regarding land title arose and we had to stop work for 5 years. However, even at that time Snehal and his team stood by us and when we again started project, he himself suggested that this design is old we should start all over again on what we have constructed already. Then he completely redesigned the whole thing and transformed our old farm design to a completely different and a very innovative design using only wood and exposed brickwork over the existing plinth. Thanks to his attitude of giving best at all times to his client to meet their requirements, and at the same time exploring different materials, different forms and constant innovations, the end product came out wonderfully well. All along this, another aspect of EssTeam that is worth noting is their organization’s professional structure which is a rare thing to see in Surat.

Mr. Amit Gajjar
Trustee – Millennium School Surat

Its not a coincidence that EssTeam has done three of our restaurants. What has drawn me to keep working with Snehal has been his approach towards the work with utmost simplicity, honesty and integrity – which I think is very rare these days in India. As a client, I feel that Snehal has never indulged in any practice which leads to unnecessary expenses for the client irrespective of his budget. There are many architectural firms and architects who rely on their good ‘copy-paste’ skills to create interesting looking projects, however, what makes EssTeam stand out is their client-centric focus and being blind to all other clutter. Snehal has always amazed us with his creative works. I wish EssTeam miles of progress!

Mr. Samir Modi
Centre Court Restaurant, Surat

While I have collaborated in different capacities with EssTeam on various projects, the most memorable one is certainly the TREE OF LIFE at Taj Gateway Surat. At that time, I was heading the Real Estate Projects Division of GJHM Hotels Ltd. and we were renovating and repositioning the Gateway Hotel. The Hotel was 20 years old and needed a fresh look and feel, so the entire design of public spaces was changed. Our Interior Designers were Duncan-Miller from USA and the Execution Architects were GKKSSA from Mumbai. There was a particular design element which was envisioned by the Interior Designers as “Tree of Life” but the choice of media and artwork was left to our team. We were struggling with that as this was a very central element of the whole space and needed to be just right. Over a cup of coffee, I shared this dilemma with Snehal and he took up this as a design challenge. Within a very short time Snehal created a compelling design solution. The idea was so powerful that our entire team got excited it and presented it to our Interior Designers for approval. They liked the idea but were concerned about the finishes and execution quality. They handled the entire execution with precision and professionalism. The end result was much better than envisioned by any of us and today “Tree of Life” is the focal point of the Gateway Hotel lobby. Whenever I visit the Gateway Hotel Lobby the Tree of Life brings back the wonderful memories of executing this highly complex, intricate and beautiful art work — Thanks to the extraordinary efforts by Snehal & Saloni.

Mr. Sumant Kachru
Gujarat JHM, Surat